about the company

AC Creations Media was established by two individuals who share a mutual love for making and producing videos and films. From own humble beginnings in the production industry, we now provide film and video production services to multinational corporate clients, producing high-end, international standard corporate videos, TV Productions, Infomercial, etc

We are not just a full-fledged film and video production company but our team also consists of creative mavens with astonishing passion who live and breathe ideas, and ready to take every assignment given to a higher level.

Over the years, AC Creations Media has built relationships with reputable companies in Malaysia, and now, we are gradually expanding our services to Singapore, Indonesia, China and other parts of Asia. And slowly but surely, we will tap into the global market.

Our Strength
Overseas Production Support
We embrace a mobile work policy and culture. If you’re keen on having us to work on your project, just give us a buzz.

We’re available even if you’re located in a different area, state or country. Just set aside a decent production fee (depending on the scale), flight tickets and accommodation for 3 and we’ll be there for you. “3” is a magic number, and with today’s technology and our experiences and knowledge, that’s how we at AC Creations Media work our magic!

Being mobile and going global means we be travel around different region and working with people from different culture and language. And thus communication plays an very important part in our job. In AC Creations Media, each individual is able to communicate in at least four different languages; English, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin and Cantonese and thus able to cater to all professional needs during our job. For us, language is not a barrier.

Tech Titans We Are!
We admit, we have minimal manpower. But at AC Creations Media, we believe in maximizing our performance by enhancing our capabilities. Every crew in the AC Creations Media team is knowledgeable about technology and highly experienced in the production industry, ready to assist you throughout the whole process.

Furthermore, with today’s technology and the mobility of our service and expertise, we make things more easy and convenient for you.

Cost Efficiency
Cutting-edge filming equipment, check; production talents, check; inspiration, creative juices and idea generators, check; passion, dedication and enthusiasm, check. We are armed and ready to give our 100% to your project, from the start until the end...with no hidden cost.

KOL Success 
With the emergence of digital media marketing, we able to collaborate with agencies and clients to produce videos which are tailor fiied to their KOL (Key Opinions Leader) marketing needs. With the right influencer, our videos not only connect with their audience, but in most cases, they also have a specific target demographic, increasing.